Class List 2015


Class Description Sponsor
A Chevrolet 1949 and Earlier
A1 Chevrolet The 1950's
A2 Chevrolet The 1960's Pillar to Post
A3 Chevrolet Corvette 1990 and Earlier The Bank of Bennington
A4 Chevrolet Corvair
A5 Chevrolet The 1970's
A6 Chevrolet 1980 to 1990
B Domestic Pick-ups & Panels 1950's and Earlier
B1 Domestic Pick-ups & Panels 1960's and 1970's
B2 Domestic Pick-ups & Panels 1980's to 1990
B3 Domestic Pick-ups Custom & Street Rod 1990 and Earlier
C Ford Model "A" and Model "T" The Aspen at Manchester
C1 FoMoCo 1969 and Earlier
C2 FoMoCo 1970 to 1990 Open
C3 FoMoCo 1970 to 1990 Closed
C4 Mustang 1990 and Earlier Casablanca Motel 
C5 Thunderbird 1990 and Earlier
D Hudson Olympia Lodge
E Domestic-Original and Unrestored
F Chrysler Corp. & AMC 1990 and Earlier Equipe Sport
G Woodies Flying Cow Signs
H Classic and Prestige Stifel
I GM 1956 and Earlier Non Chevrolet
J GM 1957 to 1970 Non Chevrolet Ye Olde Tavern
K GM 1971 TO 1990 Open Non Chevrolet
L GM 1971 to 1990 Closed Non Chevrolet
M Studebaker Dorr Oil Company
N Antique Motorcycles
O Factory Muscle Cars 1990 and Earlier JOY all things underthings
P Custom Cars & Street Rods 1990 and Earlier
Q Kits Cars & Replicas Art McKenna
R Emergency Vehicles Dorr Septic
S Military Vehicles


Class Description Sponsor
AA VW Beetle 1990 and Earlier Temblor Creative Group
AA1 VW Transporter Bus & Pick-up 1990 and Earlier J.J. Hapgood
AA2 VW Karmann Ghia
AA3 VW/AUDI 1990 and Earlier
BB British Leyland The 1960's and Earlier Hildene
BB1 British Leyland The 1970's
BB2 British Leyland The 1980's to 1990
CC Land Rover 1989 and Earlier
DD BMW 2002's
DD1 BMW 1990 and Earlier Non 2002 Green Mountain BMW Club
EE Mercedes-Benz 1990 and Earlier Non SL's
EE1 Mercedes-Benz SL's 1990 and Earlier People's United Bank
FF Porsche 911 1990 and earlier GSK Climate Control Inc
FF1 Porsche 1990 and Earlier Non 911 TD Bank 
GG Classic and Prestige
HH European Cars 1990 and Earlier
II International Cars 1990 and Earlier

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