Class List


Class:                                    Description:

A                                             Domestic Pick-ups, The 1950’s and Earlier

A1                                           Domestic Pick-ups, The 1960’s

A2                                           Domestic Pick-ups, The 1970’s

A3                                           Domestic Pick-ups, 1980 to 1989

A4                                           Domestic Pick-ups, Custom and Street Rod  1989 & earlier

B                                             Ford Model “A” and Model “T”

B1                                           FoMoCo, 1969 and Earlier

B2                                           FoMoCo, 1970 to 1989, Open

B3                                           FoMoCo, 1970 to 1989, Closed

B4                                           Mustang, 1989 and Earlier

B5                                           Thunderbird, 1989 and Earlier

C                                             Corvette, 1989 and Earlier

D                                             Hudson

E                                             Domestic, Original and Unrestored

F                                              Chrysler Corp., 1989 and Earlier

G                                             Woodies

H                                             Classic and Prestige

I                                               GM, 1956 and Earlier, Non Corvette

J                                              GM 1957 to 1970, Non Corvette/Corvair

K                                             GM 1971 to 1989 Open

L                                              GM 1971 to 1989 Closed

M                                             Corvair

N                                             Studebaker

O                                             Antique Motorcycles

P                                             Factory Muscle Cars, 1989 and Earlier

Q                                             Custom Cars & Street Rods, 1989 and Earlier

R                                             Kit Cars & Replicas

S                                             Emergency and Military Vehicles



Class:                                    Description:

AA                                           British Leyland, The 1950’s and Earlier

AA1                                        British Leyland, The 1960’s

AA2                                        British Leyland, The 1970’s

AA3                                        British Leyland, 1980 to 1989

BB                                          Land Rover, 1989 and Earlier

CC                                          BMW 2002’s

CC1                                        BMW, 1989 and Earlier Non 2002

DD                                          Mercedes-Benz, 1989 and Earlier Non SL’s

DD1                                        Mercedes-Benz, SL’s 1989 and Earlier

EE                                           Porsche 911, 1989 and Earlier

EE1                                        Porsche, 1989 and Earlier Non 911

FF                                           Classic and Prestige

GG                                          European Cars, 1970 and Earlier

GG1                                        European Cars, 1971 to 1989

HH                                          International Cars, 1989 and Earlier



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